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All of my clients use social media to start conversations about their products, and many are blogging.  Blogging is a great way to start a relationship with people who are interested in your area of expertise.  The challenge with blogging is to write regularly and write often (something that I have absolutely been slacking on […]

just a mortal with potential of a superman

Your Mindset and You, Perfect Together

Mindset, is an interesting word.  Short for “… set your mind on it” it seems to imply that a “mindset” is a choice of thoughts but the reality of it is that most people aren’t putting any intention into their mindset, they are running mostly on auto-pilot. Just as we trust our brain to run […]

My Tribe we are a creative people

Who is your tribe?

Who is your tribe? Finally it seems like the conversation is shifting, from “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I help?” It’s been a long slow road to get to the point where our conversations and language are allowing a broader discussion about sales and purchasing and buying and creativity and offers and wealth. […]