Day 5 – Finding your soul purpose in what you already know

Day 5: Go with the Flow or Finding your soul purpose in what you already know Recently I’ve been listening to the Book Living with FLOW by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi and what is amazing me the most is the validation. I think that everything that I’m reading is filling me with that “I knew it!” kind of feeling… or […]

Bringing Prosperity Back

Have you noticed how little the word “prosperity” is used today in conversation and the media? It’s almost portrayed as a pipe-dream, something of the past, elusive and unattainable.  The fact is, when we stop talking about things in an achievable way, we stop believing in our ability to attain them.  Prosperity is one of […]

Permanent Motivation

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “Motivation is not permanent, but then neither is bathing. …that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t approve of it, in fact, I strongly encourage it.”  Experts agree, most people are confused about motivation and positive thinking. The fact is, motivation is not permanent, everyone has experienced the transient nature of motivation, […]