Law of Attraction Coaching, what’s all the hullabaloo?

Feb/26 By

What’s all the hullabaloo about The Law of Attraction? Well, for starters Law of Attraction Coaching encourages you to think differently.  Having said that, there isn’t a coach or motivational

Respond vs. React

Jan/24 By

A car cuts you off on the highway.  Do you respond or react? Someone takes the last [insert something desired] right from under your outreached hand.  Do you respond or

Permanent Motivation

Jan/18 By

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “Motivation is not permanent, but then neither is bathing. …that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t approve of it, in fact, I strongly encourage it.”  Experts

Easily Reduce Stress

Jan/11 By

Stress is one of those words.  We can all agree on the literal definition, but the word carries such strong personal history, it can mean different things to different people. 

52 Week Money Challenge and Adventure

Dec/29 By

This morning my Facebook wall was abuzz with a long list of things we can do this coming year to make a difference in our lives.  Many of the suggestions

Finding Your Flow

Dec/26 By

My morning ritual is enrichment.  Not scholarly latin or mathematics but personal enrichment.  Many times it feels like enlightenment, because more often than not, I have an “ah ha” moment

Unlock your Creativity with… pie!

Dec/22 By

About 30 years ago someone gave me the book, “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” by Julia Cameron. I never read it.  Let’s see… where was I

What People Don’t Understand About Happy People

Nov/23 By

Dear Mostly Unhappy Person, Yesterday you caught me being unhappy.  Yes, the shocking truth is that happy people aren’t always happy.  The fact is sometimes; …we really really want that new job and we’re disappointed that we don’t get it. …we stub our toe on the corner of the kids bed and it freaking hurts, …

Single Mom’s Bill of Rights

Nov/20 By

Single Mom’s Bill of Rights: You have the right to true love. You have the right to find it in surprising ways and places. You have the right to fall in love with yourself, to create a person whose self-worth isn’t tied up in a relationship, but a person who is so aware of self-worth that you are the confident leader of your life.

Waking Up Divorced – A Single Mom’s Guide to an Amazing Life

Nov/13 By

I’m very excited to announce my latest book, Waking Up Divorced – A Single Mom’s Guide to an Amazing Life. I have included almost all of the tips, tricks and processes that I have learned from such people as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Lisa Nichols and more. I’ll be scheduling some …