5 Simple Ways to Recognize Your Soul Purpose

Finding Your Simple Way to Freedom

I’m a sucker for a good origin story.  I prefer the hero stories, because they make me wonder how I can change what I’m doing to experience the same amazing results. The hero in the story overcomes limitations whether they are geographic, emotional or financial and comes out on top.

Yup I love those stories.

The most frequently asked question is, “…but how can I make a living doing ….” and there are no cookie cutter answers. (That’s why coaches are so important). And even though I can’t hand you a boxed cake and tell you to follow the instructions towards success, I can let you in on a few simple secrets to unlocking your hidden potential to financial freedom.

No. 1 – Change Your Current Story

Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone working 9-5, you are looking around and picking out the things that you don’t like about what you are currently experiencing.  You can’t help it. You convince yourself that will help you choose differently next time, or get motivated to change. How is that working for you?  Not really well, is it?  You see, in general, we are more motivated by positive reinforcement then negative reinforcement.   When you are positively energized you are more creative and action oriented, when you are feeling negative you are in survival mode without time or energy for frivolous things like, joy or happiness or success.

Think about your current story.  Are your thoughts and emotions in conflict?  Are you telling yourself to be positive and maybe have been for a long time, but inside you feel panic, frustration and lack?  Only you can connect to your story and choose to change your focus.  Some ways that you can connect with your uncomfortable feelings and cut the circuit or habit of negative thought are using the Silva method or even EFT Tapping.

I walk all of my clients through an EFT Tapping session before we sit and discuss their plans for moving forward. It’s important to be in a place of pure positive energy.  EFT Tapping doesn’t cause anyone to forget  important information but it disconnects the negative emotional circuit which helps everybody move to the next level.


No. 2. – Heal Money Issues

Money issues are so prevalent that most wellness and life coaches don’t even use the word “money” anymore because it’s a trigger.  They use words like: Abundance, Affluence, Wealth and Prosperity.  This are wonderful gentle words but they only imply financial freedom.  They are vague and while they will help you get in the vicinity of healing your money issues, they won’t actually heal them.  And as a result, you’ll find yourself in the same patterns you’ve experienced your whole life.

Some common patterns are:  Giving money away, spending money as soon as you get it, wasting money on things you don’t need, buying things for other people and leaving yourself with nothing.

You have an inner script, like a contract or agreement, and it is telling you what is possible for you financially.  You will only ever earn and receive exactly what this contract allows. In the event you earn more, you will find ways to “get rid” of it.  AND, you don’t even know it.  The easiest way to heal your money issues is to seek the help of a coach who can help you identify and help you disconnect from the negative script surrounding money.

All day long you have triggers that snap you into that script. That script keeps you small and contracted instead of expanded and creative.  In my Heal Money Issues workshop students learn their uncomfortable truth but then are able to let it go. In all cases, each one has increased their earning potential exponentially with their money healing.

No. 3. – Your Hidden Talent

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Usually when we think about ways to make money, we reverse engineer it like: “What would people pay me to do? ” but I am suggesting that you start with “What am I really good at” or “What do I really enjoy doing” and start there. Start in that place of joy and happiness.

And, make lists.  Write these questions at the top of the page and answer them… daily, weekly or monthly.  Challenge yourself to write new answers. Challenge yourself to change your habit of thinking about what’s possible.


List 3-5 things people ask you to help with

List 3 -5 things that you enjoy doing even when you don’t get paid

List 3-5 things you’d like to try doing

List 3 -5 things that you see other people doing that you think you can do and enjoy

and then create your own list!

No. 4. Time Slips Activities

There are certain things that I do and it seems like in a blink of an eye an hour has passed, or sometimes even several hours.  These activities come in strange and wonderfully into our lives and we need to pay attention.  They are usually unexpected and in many cases you never give it a second thought.  For instance, my client Jessica is a customer service rep and she recorded one of these moments in her journal that she shared with me.  Even as she recorded it, she didn’t understand the value, and even as we discussed the value she continued to resist how she could turn what she did into something she could do all the time.  Her time slip occurred when she was creating a print on demand product for a friends business.  This was a unique piece that her friend could resell for 3 times what it would cost to produce.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Jessica: I was working in Canva to create the graphic then I was checking out the various print on demand companies. Some were more expensive then others. When I found what I wanted, I spend 4 hours making online mock-ups of my products. It was so much fun.  When I looked up 4 hours had passed.

Me: That sounds fun.  Did you finish what you needed in four hours?

Jessica: Yes

Me: What would you charge your friend for that service if you were going to charge?

Jessica: Well, I don’t know maybe $40.00.

Me: (silent for a moment) Why $40.00?

Jessica: Because I think anyone could do that. I think anyone with access to Canva and a little creativity could do it, so if I charge more then they will find someone that charges less.

Me: Setting aside what you think people will pay, how reimbursement for that 4 hours would make you feel loved, valued and important?

Jessica: I guess, If I received $600 for that work, I’d feel like it was really important and that I was really good at it.

Me: Why wouldn’t you charge $600?

Jessica:  Because she can’t sell the work for that much money and it would be a big loss for her. Plus, she can’t afford $600.

Me: Business owners need to make tough decisions about what they spend their money on and what they don’t.  Don’t undervalue yourself.  I understand every client is different. Some clients will pay up front, while others will make payment plans. From a business perspective, you may think they can’t make money on your product line, however, once they’ve paid for it, it’s up to them to sell it to the break even point and beyond, not up to you.  Don’t worry about the part that they need to worry about. You… concentrate on what brings you joy!

Some time slips happen when your gardening, writing, solving a problem, troubleshooting computer issues, updating a blog, styling hair, painting nails, mowing the lawn, fixing a chair, painting a room, painting a piece of art and more.  The truth is that when your vibration is joyful and you are having “fun” your logical mind isn’t really involved. I mean, it’s involved in problem solving in the moment, but it’s released it’s unending attempts to have you live in the past or future moments.  It’s the present moment, that time slips away in joy, happiness and fun.

No. 5 Dreams are Goals without Deadlines

What did you always want to be when you grew up?  A Writer? A Teacher? An Astronaut?  A Carpenter? An Auto Mechanic? An Artist? … what?  When you were 5 years old, or 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

The reason we were such prolific dreamers as children is because our daydreams were games and easy.  The moment we started to truly think about “how can we make this happen” the negative thoughts or ego comes in to “protect” you and tell you… You can’t…. It’s too hard…  It’s impossible… or maybe you even tried but gave up, because the script in your head kept saying, “See, I told you it’s too hard,” or worse, “See I told you, you couldn’t do it, you weren’t good enough”

The trick about dreams is to keep them games. Talk to yourself and your daydreams like you’re talking to a small child.  Use patience and kindness and keep it fun and your ego or logical brain will ignore the process.  Stay away from identifying with the outcome in terms of labeling yourself with an “I am” statement and just work out one small piece of your dream every day. Without judgement.

For instance, if you always wanted to own an ice cream shop on the corner of a busy seaside town. You could start your game by making a list of you know you need to know, like: What town, ice cream truck or shop, what months are prime months, what would a truck cost, what would rent on a place cost, and how much would you like to make yearly.  Stay away from questions like: “How can I make that much money?” or “How can I ….” questions in general. These types of questions will tend to perk up your logical mind and instead of helping you work out the answers, it will start to tell you all of the reasons why this won’t work.

Your logical mind is the great problem solver, but it’s primary focus isn’t to “make you money” it’s primary focus is to protect you.  Protect you from physical and emotional hurt.  That’s why approaching your dreams like a game will allow you to get further then usual on the planning and analyzing without judgement and turning on the negative thought circuit.

Final Thoughts

As a side note, because I love helping people experience more of what they want, I want to share something that will help.

You are a beautiful soul, and you are amazing.  If you feel resistance to that statement, then you have some healing to do.  It’s only when you can allow everything  that is positive in your life without discrimination or suspicion that you will receive all of that positive outcomes.  Think about how and what you allow in your life.  The way people treat you is NOT who you are, it is who they are, when someone has an unkind word for you… rather than feeling bad or stepped upon, understand that they are miserable and you can’t help them.  They can only help themselves.

In order to receive the abundance of the universe you need to stop refusing it.  When someone pays you a compliment, take a deep breath and accept it. Allow it.  For instance, if someone compliments a haircut, don’t say, “Thank you, but I think it’s too short” … Just say… THANK YOU.   When someone compliments your weight loss, don’t say, “Thank you, but I have 30 more pounds to go” … just say, THANK YOU.

Allow and Accept the compliments. You are so worthy!



Wenda O’Neill is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in helping women entrepreneurs overcoming the hidden scripts that are keeping them small. Schedule an appointment here: