Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started can be as easy or as hard as you make it.

I took the long arduous path of denial. What I mean to say is, that I thought certain things would make me happy, and I had convinced myself that if I only “had” this or if I could only “do” that… or if I only lost weight, or if I was only in a relationship… and all of those things were “outside” me.  They were all things that I had convinced myself that I was missing, and when those pieces were part of my life, I would be happy.

Happiness happens from the inside out.  I learned, and you can too, that to reach a better feeling, you need to be able to reach it where you are right now.  In this moment, regardless of your situation or circumstance, this moment is precious and will pass, and when you can breath deep into the moment and find … the inkling of a better feeling, you are truly Getting Started on a feeling better path.

Your Core Belief About Wealth

We all have our own story about money.  As much as I LOVE money I have a core belief that it’s hard to find, and difficult to get.  I spent over 40 years telling myself that I have to work hours and hours to achieve success and only when it’s difficult is it truly valuable, only when it’s hard will I be worth the money.  That’s the lie I told myself, and I didn’t even know it.  The fact is… the rich have a different story.  Another story I told myself was that being rich was bad, rich people were bad, the money they have is really money they stole from poor people.  That’s a hard thing to say, and maybe it’s not popular but I thought that.  I thought that because that’s the story that’s on the news, that’s the story that people who want more tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

They say things like, “It’s not my fault I have no money, it’s that wealthy guy, he isn’t paying his share of taxes, or worse, he isn’t sharing”

The fact is, wealthy is limitless.  There is MORE than enough money and affluence and abundance to go around.  When we have conversations or even self talk about limits and lack, we spend more time looking for evidence to support those thoughts.  And or course, we find them.

My life changed when I changed what I was paying attention to, and WHO I was paying attention to.

The hardest Part…

I have a dear friend, I love her, but I can’t spend too much time around her.  Her view of the world is so filled with negative energy and lack and struggle, that I can’t allow that into my core belief.  It was her that first introduced me to the idea that “single parent” is a struggle that people understand.  I remember feeling the relief as she told me that I was doing a great job with my kids and that I should allow people to help me and I should EXPECT people to help me because I was a single parent raising 3 kids.  I remember taking on that label and owning it.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I should have accepted the better feeling … for a short while.. and continued to move up the ladder of positive emotion and continue to move forward, but I didn’t.  I got stuck there… expecting people to help me because I had it hard.  I stayed there… wallowing in that expectation for 4 years.  Things did not get easier, in fact, they got harder.  As I placed more expectations on other people… they continued to frustrate and disappoint.

It was after I stepped into a new business opportunity that I realized, not only was no one else going to make my life easier or hand over the wealthy I thought I deserved… it wasn’t their job to do that.

Getting Started

Start Today.  Whether you start with a Google Search, or employment search… start today.

Imagine where you will be 5 years from now, when you start today.

Imagine where you will be 5 years from now, if you don’t start today.  The fact is, unless you start, you will be right where you are right now.

Look at Melissa Ashforth-Person, she started her Arbonne business in 2016 and is positioned to earn 100K a year.

I started Arbonne because I knew, all I needed to be happy… to have my life back is to earn $5000.00 a month.  At $5K a month, I could quit my job. The job I was working and investing over 40 hours a week.  So, yeah. That’s life changing for me.

Too many people look at the hugely wide success stories and think, “I could never make $500,000 a month like her, so I’m not even going to try” or “I don’t have what it takes to make money like that, so I’m not going to try”  AND what I want to share with you today… is that you don’t have to make a million dollars to make a difference in your life.

Quitting your 60 hour a week job that you absolutely need to support your family… and working less and still supporting them….  That’s life changing.

So, whether you ask me about Arbonne, it’s time.  Right now, to change your life.  Only you can take that first step.  ONLY YOU can decide it’s time to pay attention, look around.. see what’s working for other people and believe in your heart that it can work for you too!

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