Healing Money Issues… isn’t about making more money

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, office worker, or stay at home parent, we all have a story that we tell ourselves (and sometimes anyone that will listen) about what’s possible.  Sometimes that story if filled with creative magic, and sometimes more like the description of a prison.  In both cases, they are stories built on words, emotions, experiences and indoctrination.  Yes, I said, Indoctrination. 

I know “indoctrination” seems like a heavy word to use here, but let’s be clear. I’m not talking about brain washing in the “twilight zone” sense of the word, but I am talking about a type of teaching or rather a way of learning that was “given” to us.  And it’s this sense of being handed something without asking that I get from the word indoctrination. It’s not sinister, it’s not evil, it’s not wrong.  It is like a contract we signed without reading first.

Of course children are handed information in a way that is designed to be digested and understood.  As a child we often asked “why?” only to be told by well meaning guardians or teachers, “because I said so.”  And, it was our powerlessness and limited reference as children that catalog that answer and use it as our truth.

That truth may have served us as children.  In whatever manner it served: some didn’t like it and fought against it, some allowed it and vowed to make changes later on, while others simply accepted it and moved on to other things.   This truth… your truth… is no longer that simple, right?  Now, 10, 20, 40 years later, you have a great deal of experience behind you.  You have had a chance to evaluate the world and how it works.  You know “what’s what”. However, you are still running your life based on some of those hidden contracts.

Those lesson you learned are still there inside you. And, you may have guessed that some of them are no longer serving you?  Maybe you grew up with an adult that was always talking about “saving money” or “working hard for money” or maybe even an idea about “rich people” are bad people and “money is the root of all evil”.  Now as an adult, you strive for money and wealth but you have this contract you signed… this oath you took to view certain things a certain way.  Have you ever noticed how you may “self sabotage” your success?  Maybe talk yourself out of applying for a better job, or spend money instead of saving?  Maybe you convince yourself that you or you family “needed” that thing… that set you back after you were finally ahead.

Of course, things like… look both ways before crossing the road, or don’t jump off the roof of the house thinking an umbrella will allow you to land gently… are still good lessons.  I’m not talking about the things that keep you safe and healthy.

It’s the other more subtle lessons about the world around you that may be holding you back and keeping you small.  And, the challenge for you to learn about those lessons is that they are driven by every day triggers.  Usually those triggers are words, phrases, sometimes pictures, occasionally smells or another sensory sensation.

Our minds are very powerful, in fact the science of hypnotism proves that we go through our days on a kind of auto-pilot with our brain analyzing and sifting through billions of pieces of data, storing most of it while it allows us to function in the present moment, then later discarding nearly all of it while it chooses what is most relevant.

Now, imagine your brain were a computer.  Imagine up until now you had been using a 20 year old computer.  20 years ago, it was programmed … I don’t know, let’s say, it was programmed to “find a job”, “find a mate”, “finish school” or even something as vague as “settle down”.   First of all… let’s agree, that if your mind were a computer, it would have been upgraded AT LEAST 10 years go!  BUT let’s say it wasn’t.

How much of that old computer program is still serving you?

The great news about that question is, that you can upgrade any time.  AND it’s free. Because it is a simple choice to decide to upgrade.  You don’t need to spend any money to buy anything new, you just decide that you are going to start paying attention.

Now. This is the part where most people really start to resist, the concept of healing money issues.  AND I know it’s not really them, but their “logical” brain (also called: Ego, or Monkey Mind) It is your logical mind that is constantly talking to you and telling you about the ways that you will fail. This part of you thrives on fear, anxiety, doubt and frustration.  Because, it is protecting you. Because, it wants to keep you safe and keep you exactly where you are right now… safe… and small. 

While I’m not a doctor or physicist, I am a coach that has seen people the transformational power of the simple choice to pay attention.  Imagine being able to upgrade your computer simply by looking around an recognizing that parts of the program that are no longer working.  While there is obviously no money exchanged between you and your mind, there is a price to pay for awareness.

People around you will start to notice, and most will try to keep you small.  Most will try to get you to talk about the changes, and in the subtle way through language and common triggers try to get you to second guess yourself and keep you small, scared and limited.  Your limitlessness scares most people.  Your success has very little to do with money, except that money makes everything easier.

When you release your inner story that is keeping you in scarcity and lack, and when you are able to allow money to show up for you in the millions of ways that are possible… you experience more freedom.  People around you will want to know how you are doing it, not because they want it too… but they want to judge whether it has value or is worthy.  There are 7 billion people on the earth, why let a small group keep you small, or ruin your momentum.

This is your hidden power. This is way towards wealth, prosperity and happiness… your inner story.

If you want help releasing your negative emotions and finding your true path to happiness, check out our coaching called: Heal Money Issues.  It’s not about making more money, the coaching is about understanding how you are currently limiting yourself and stepping into a new path.  Shifting your journey slightly towards prosperity and affluence.

The Heal Money Issues 4 week program, is like a computer upgrade.  You are completely resetting what is possible and shifting your perspective in a way that allows you to create more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want.

Do you need a coach?  Absolutely not.  Will it help you create a shift in your life faster with measurable evidence… Absolutely. 

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