How to Identify Your Money Issues

Money Issues

Interestingly enough money issues aren’t just the lack of money.  When my clients first start talking about money issues they seem to focus on the results of not having money.  They focus on overdrawn bank accounts and lack of vacations.  They focus on the constant lack and how expensive it is to survive.  Maybe they mention that they don’t make much at their job but don’t want to leave because no one will pay them more.  Maybe they discuss that they are a business owner and after paying all the vendors and employees there’s very little left.  My favorite entrepreneurs to help are the women who strive for years to make ends meet working 2 or 3 different side jobs, everything from Avon to Pampered Chef and they just keep working harder and harder to try to make money.

I hear in those stories; frustration, panic, anger, overwhelmedment, anxiety, lack, disgust and disappointment to name a few emotions.  These are also money issues.

Healing Money Issues

The goal of my coaching is to show each client how they have made these inner vows that are in conflict which what they think.  You see if your heart says, “you don’t deserve more” and you mind says, “I want more”… there needs to be a shift.  Your emotions will ultimately rule the thoughts and eventually may start believing the feeling that you have and become contracted and limited.

Our work together is not intended to change how you think, but rather allow you to recognize when you are feeling a powerful negative emotion towards a positive thought.  You see, there is no amount of positive thinking that is going to break through a negative feeling.

Abundance vs. Money

Have you ever noticed how most of the new age Law of Attraction training uses words like Abundance, Prosperity and Affluence?  It’s simple.  Those words feel lovely.  They have a nice light and willow wisp gentleness about them. And as a result, when you practice the Art of Abundance you are able to recognize the millions of different ways that you are gifted and filled abundant.  So, you may attract a new car, or house.  You may attract more gifts and ease… but it’s very difficult to attract money into your bank account.  Money doesn’t feel light and willow wisp. Money feels….

What to expect in coaching

First I want you to know that I don’t work with everyone.  I encourage you to schedule a Free Phone Consultation and secondly I will suggest that we meet in person for subsequent consultations. Making and keeping an office appointment for coaching is a commitment to yourself and your success that is needed to re-frame what’s possible.

Listen, if you aren’t thriving then you’re just surviving.  The key is inside you, you need to unlock the hidden contract or vow that you signed with yourself in order to know how to change how you feel about it.  You aren’t going to be trained to deny anything, and certainly not encouraged to forget.  This coaching is about relief. You will learn how to change how to identify when you are feeling differently then you are telling yourself in your story that you should feel… and then how to get relief from that conflic

Now, I understand not everyone that may want coaching is in New Jersey.  So, I do offer ZOOM coaching which is available through you smart phone / tablet or computer.  We can see each other and talk to each other.  This is a great way to connect when a physical office visit isn’t possible.


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