Resistance feels like a night in watching movies

The truth is, you are where you are right now because of all of the actions you’ve taken up to this point.

Take a deep breathe and allow that statement to without judgement of condemnation.  A simple cause and effect of the physical world around you will reveal the truth of that statement.  It’s hard to look at it that way because we are built for blame.  We are trained to point a finger at people and circumstances and make them the “reason” that something happened.

That’s ok.  That’s our defense mechanism.  That’s our inner critic who is part angel and part devil, perched on our shoulder but who’s ultimate goal is to keep us comfortable.

Guess what… change no matter how small is uncomfortable.

That’s why there are so many people with great ideas… and not so many people that implement them.

That’s why there are also many people that have great ideas… try once, then give up.


Resistance feels like a night on the couch binge watching your favorite show on Netflix.  Resistance feels comfortable.

We all have different levels of comfort.

Some people would never imagine being their own boss.  They want the regularity of a full time job where they trade their time in the office for their weekly paycheck.  In fact, most of us are raised with the expectation that we are worth a certain price point.  And, even when an individual shifts slightly from the paid employee to a business owner, they still treat themselves like an hourly employee.

Robert Kiyosaki writes about that phenomena in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.  It’s a matter of perspective, it’s a matter of positioning yourself as either getting paid hourly or leveraging your time to get paid whether you work on not.  In his book he details how even most lawyers and doctors are simply highly paid employees.  In other words, if they don’t work, they don’t get paid.

Take an investor on the other hand, they get paid whether they work or not.

Investor, is a kind of loaded word, right?

For many, it conjures an immediate emotional response.  Thoughts like, “Yeah, investor, who has the money to invest.” or “Investing is too much risk with my hard earned cash.”  Think about that.

Really think about how you felt when you read the word “investor”.  If you had any negative emotional response…. THAT IS RESISTANCE.

I didn’t ask you for money, or even suggest that you spend any, in fact… the opposite.  I simply mentioned the “investor” as a type of person and for many of you right now, you have shut down listening.

YOUR TRUTH is important, so understand what I’m really saying.  An investor type is anyone that leverages their time to make money whether they work or not.



Online Courses

Membership Websites

Magazine Publisher

Multi-Level Marketing Companies (i.e. Tastefully Simple, Arbonne, Avon, Young Living)

Resistance feels like judgement.  It is convincing and conniving and will keep you small every time you have big ideas.

We are trained to react to words.

Artist = starving artist.

Writer = It’s hard to be a best selling author

and so one and so one

Here’s the truth.

You are a warrior and you battle resistance every single day.  One day at a time.  Each day you wake up wanting something different, then what you are going to allow yourself to experience.  You must make yourself overcome resistance.

You choose. You choose whether to give in and sit on the couch, or get up and start writing.  You choose whether have a habit of achievement or a habit of resistance.

Earlier this year I discovered a way to completely neutralize resistance in my life.  It worked so great I put it all together into the will cialis show on test what happens if you take viagra when your young find viagra free sites computer oil price essay follow url viagra pills south africa watch go site click precios de cialis en mexico west nile virus case study order cialis black online dark stage essay macbeth essay examples global warming satire essay writing a good essay example essay on islam elementary school rubrics for research paper karl marx research paper siti sicuri dove comprare viagra expository essay on autumn levitra drug interactions cara memakai obat kuat viagra go here dissertation mthode developpement sample of an abstract for a paper SHIFT MATRIX program so that I could share it with everyone that wanted to be more, have more and experience more.  In his book, The War of Art, Steve Pressfield says, “The most pernicious aspect of procrastination is that it can become a habit.  We don’t just put off our lives today; we put them off till our deathbed.” That statement is the reason I put together the SHIFT MATRIX program, it is the entire driving force behind sharing the step by step process.