Vivian Flietstra, CEO & Founder, Well Cared 4 Body Incorporated

As a new business owner of a Health and Wellness Coaching Services, Well Cared 4 Body Incorporated, I was looking for knowledge on setting up my business. My background was primarily on the fitness and nutrition side so I reached out to Wenda. Wenda spent time with me to understand the nature of my business, my vision, and my short-term and long-term goals. I was looking for results quickly so she helped set me on a path each week in meeting my goals. I found myself very motivated and excited to meet my goals because it meant I was moving forward in my business.

Every week, we would meet and discuss what I had accomplished and set new goals for the coming week. My dreams were finally unfolding right in front of my eyes with her help, support, motivation and ability to offer great ideas and suggestions in growing my business.

There are many great things about working with Wenda, her ability to listen, explore and motivate helped me see I have abilities within myself to achieve it. She is able to understand your goals, offer suggestions for overcoming your roadblocks, and helping you to succeed.

She created a recorded Vision Statement which I consider one of Wenda’s greatest gifts. From our sessions, she took everything she had learned about my business, vision and how I want to help others, and very uniquely recorded a motivating message so I can listen to it every day. It provides me focus, and brings to life my business and personal goals, dreams and vision. I highly recommend her services and with her skills and knowledge, will help you succeed.

With sincere gratitude and thanks, Vivian Fleitstra, CEO & Founder, Well Cared 4 Body Incorporated.


Mary Ellen Hatton, Founder of Your Dreams Your Goals – Life Coaching

Wenda has been an invaluable asset to me as I start my new business.  She is knowledgeable and skilled at focusing me by asking all the right questions.  She is friendly and warm while she gently nudges me into making new contacts and setting up visibility on the web.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to start a new business or who wants to make changes in her life.  M. H.