The Law of Attraction Trick

The Law of Attraction Trick

Abraham – Hicks is always telling us this trick but it takes a special kind of ear to hear what’s actually being said. It takes a special kind of attention and awareness to “get” that the words mean somethings else.  My friend and psychic medium Dorothy Toner ( always telling me, “never go for the first definition”.

That’s the trick.

Never go for the first definition

Whether you believe in spiritual guides or not is not part of this discussion.  In my mind that’s like saying, whether you believe in unseen energy or xrays or heat.  We are so trained to only believe in things that are quantifiable and measurable and that is the trick your mind plays on you to talk you out of your amazingness… but I’m getting off track.

We believe the first definition.

The Law of Attraction Trick is to understand that you need to get past the first reaction, and the second and the third… because it’s in the forth, fifth and sixth where the magic resides.

The Switch Shift

We are all creatures of habit. We have our daily rituals and the order in which we perform the regular mundane functions that carry us through from day to day.  Mine?  I get up early, I put on a pot of coffee, walk the dogs, take the time outdoors to connect with the early morning air, then I write and drink coffee.  Around 6AM I wake up my sleeping angels so they can get ready for school.  Most mornings I make them lunches to take, then if there’s time I return to writing.  7:30, I shower (which has it’s own habit –> shampoo, bodywash, creamrinse, facewash, done) and then I’m off to the office.

That is my habit.

Looking at it now, it makes so much sense to “not think” my way through those rituals.  It makes so much sense to allow my mind to run on auto-pilot with it’s and anticipate outcomes based on the previous day and the one before and the one before.


When I recognized this in myself…  When I did bodywash before shampoo … I nearly forgot shampoo.

When I realized that I wasn’t allowing myself to experience ANYTHING because I was just running on this default setting I made the decision to take moments throughout the day and just look around.  I didn’t need to change anything, initially.  I just stopped took a deep breath and looked up.  Or I looked left or right.

Sometimes I saw an amazing sunrise, or a delightful bird dancing on my fence, or a silly squirrel, sometimes a neighbor walking their dog and I smiled and waved… and sometimes I had small talk with one of my daughters, and sometimes I made pancakes for breakfast, and sometimes … it was so much more, it felt like more… it felt full.

Full of possibilities.

The switch shift is turning off your autopilot (even if just for a moment) and allowing the world to slip in and surround you and give you a great big hug.

The World Around Your Runs on Emotions

(and it knows it)

Advertisers spend billions of dollars all year long trying to tap into your emotions. They try to get you to feel inadequate or poor or unforgiven or hopeless or overwhelmed.  And be very clear… everyone and everything is an advertiser.  Everyone wants to sway you to “their side” of thinking and they do that by connecting to you emotionally.

When you take yourself off the train packed with people who feel like you and you decide that you’re going to let go and heal, you view that packed train from a completely different perspective.

And, they view you differently too.  The train full of people will try to get you back on board.

Can you imagine how many hours you may have already spent worrying about something that will work out in the end, but that worry is encouraged or promoted or even suggested by a million things around you.  When we let those outside stories in or even let them become our story we give up so much of our power.

I know someone that spends hours all day long hating (literally hating) our current president.  She doesn’t want my coaching. 🙂  I can only hope that eventually she will understand that she isn’t changing anyone elses perspective by her constant hate talk she is just collecting more people that think and speak like her to surround her. In the end,  she is just hurting herself and losing the moments of joy over to hate.

I fully support opinions and massive action to transform situations.  I would just add one word: Intention.

Ask yourself, who is more likely to take massive action… Someone who is acting like they have for the last few days, weeks or years… OR… someone who has decided they want something different and has set that intention for change.

Take you power back.

The Law of Attraction Shift

Heal your inner story that’s holding you captive in your habits and rituals and take yourself off autopilot.

Pay Attention and ask the universe to show you some indisputable moment that it’s listening and then just allow the world to unfold in front of you.

Most people are looking for money, but they are only looking for it in a specific and certain way.  They say they want more money but they either don’t feel like it’s possible or at least not possible in the way they expect it to show up.

I recently healed some money issues and I received an 3 unexpected checks totaling $1800.00.  When I saw the money, I didn’t immediately understand I’d received it from my money healing because all three checks, while unexpected were explainable.  BUT the truth is… prior to money healing, I didn’t have them.  So. I have to give it to the universe.

There are no coincidences.  Just like there’s no coincidence that you’re reading this post. 🙂

Have an amazing day


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