The Lie About “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction

The Secret & The Law of Attraction

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10 years ago I read the book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and at the time I considered it the holy grail of abundance motivation and inspirational reading.  It introduced me to my personal power and ability to create more in my life.  And at the time I was able to create a new car, better income and more affluent lifestyle… and I recognized that as I spent the money as quickly as I attracted it.

And that is what I’ve come to learn is the experience of most people who practice intentional manifestation.

You can manifest just about anything in their life, EXCEPT lots of sustained money.

There’s a reason for that.  And, that’s why I’ll tell you that the book The Secret, is not the Holy Grail, but rather… an introduction.  Yes, the book, the movie and audio recording are all very good primers for the real lessons that should be taught to every human about the Law of Attraction.  

Think about your own experience. Are you like most people…

Most people when intentionally setting out to change their income are able to achieve increases, but aren’t able to keep the money.  Either they immediately spend it, or give it away in a hundred different ways from poor spending choices to paying bills. Do you think that when the person set out to manifest more money, they also set out to lose it?

Most people say things like, “I just want enough to get by” or “I just want enough to get caught up on my bills” or “I don’t need much”

And still more people meditate and visualize their positive future outcomes as a form of pre-paving and in all cases they fail to achieve ongoing and lasting financial abundance because they don’t understand the biggest part of stepping out of their current situation and into a new one.

Money Consciousness. 

You can’t manifest money because you are refusing it.  You refuse money in a thousand different ways and I can guarantee that no matter your story, if you don’t have the amount of money you want, you are saying “no” to money.

Your Secret Money Story

The truth about most Law of Attraction literature is that they present The Universe as an omniscient intelligent entity that simply bestows and gifts abundance because you ask for it and believe that it is coming.  Ask, Believe, Receive is a myth.

There are absolutely no stories of people sitting on their couch binge watching NCIS on Netflix’s and attracting millions of dollars into their life.  Every single story of success, financial prosperity and  positive outcomes involved… transformation.

Transformation is a nice vague word for change. And we don’t mind discussing change when it’s about politics, global warming or even summer hours, but when it comes to personal change, you resist. You know how I know you resist… because if you didn’t resist, you’d have more of what you want.

So, the big lie about The Secret, is that things will just come to you, because you want them long enough and hard enough.  It doesn’t work that way.  However, if you want something long enough, and hard enough you may be able to shift your inner money consciousness in a way that allows you to make the changes required to receive what you want.

In plan words, if you aren’t living the life of your dreams, there’s a conflict inside you that is keeping you small and you need to heal it so you can get past it and expand.

Don’t believe me…

Here’s a simple money emotion test.  Promise me you’ll follow these instructions EXACTLY as I have them listed so you’ll experience the same awakening that all of my clients experience.  Once you wake up… you’ll see what I mean.

Money Emotions

Your money emotions drive your financial picture. It’s the conflict between how you feel and what you are saying about money that is keeping you poor. It’s this inner contest that your logical brain wins by shoving down and hiding how you really feel. In almost all cases, my clients are never even aware of their inner conflict.  And, how can anyone be expected to change something that they aren’t even aware of?

If you’re ready to recognize the truth about why you don’t have more money, give this simple test a try.  Remember to have an open mind and follow the exact steps.

Take out a piece of paper.

In big numbers either write your current income or the income you’d make in your dream job.  You can write down the weekly, monthly or yearly amount, it doesn’t matter. Which ever comes to you easily.

Now look at that number. And say out loud:  I am (or will) earn $XXXX amount per week (month or year)

Are you feeling it?  Even at this point in the exercise some people start feeling uncomfortable. Maybe they feel it in the pit of their stomach or shoulders or chest.  Writing the number down and saying it out loud causes a negative emotional reaction.

Now, I want you to concentrate on the number you wrote down, and say outloud, “It’s not enough!”   Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to recognize how your body feels when you say that.  Notice how true that statement seems.  Notice the negative emotions that come forward when you say, “It’s not enough.”  Feelings like: Frustration, Anger, Panic, Loss

I know those feelings are uncomfortable.  Take note of the strongest negative feeling and measure it on the scale below.

Everyone that I’ve done with exercise with has had the same results, the statement, “It’s not enough” feels very true.

Healing Money Issues

In my healing money issues workshop students learn how to close the gap between their positive affirmations and their emotional consciousness. Because it’s that conflict that feeds the struggle. It’s the gap between the intense negative reaction and uncomfortable emotions surrounding money that put the brakes on manifesting more financial affluence.

Imagine your meditations and positive affirmations being a “1” on the scale and your true emotional feelings being a “7”.  You will have to work very hard in that up hill battle to close the gap between your emotional and intellectual vibration.  And that my friends is why most people are unable to manifest money.

In our healing money issues workshop students are shown how to recognize and heal their conflicts and in all cases have experienced more of what they want.

If you’re interested in learning more about our workshops, you can follow us on facebook or join an upcoming event