The Truth about EFT Tapping & Scripts for Wealth

Every coach as a metaphorical toolbox.

Unpacking that toolbox for clients can be like a a technician coming to diagnose your printer problem.  They make certain assumptions based on your description and bring those tools.  Coaching is a lot like that, except unlike a printer, you don’t come with a service manual.

However, every once in a while there is a tool or action that I ALWAYS suggest for my clients (and friends) who are looking for an easy action step that will transform their success.  Whether that success is financial, spiritual or a relationship. This always works.

Well, let me rephrase, it always works… if you do it.  AND if you always do it.

Two weeks ago I started this process of EFT tapping for success and wealth and I have since unexpectedly received nearly $2000.

And like everyone else on the planet, as I outline the success that I have achieved I recognize that I second guess it, and I doubt it and I am already labeling it a coincidence.

However, in the most pragmatic method of measurement I can say… before I started tapping I did not have this $2000 and after I started… I do.

What is EFT Tapping?

There are plenty of resources for you to google the science behind and the history of EFT Tapping. So, without going into the scientific details, I will tell you that EFT Tapping takes advantage of the energetic meridians that flow inside your body. (to find scientific proof of their existence, read this  This system which has been used for centuries in acupuncture is used in EFT Tapping as a form of acupressure, where a gentle tapping on the energy centers unblocks the energy flow.

Additionally a specific script is spoken as the individual taps, thus relieving the negative emotional connection to the statements.

Why does it EFT Tapping work?

This is a harder question to answer primarily because the connection between the mind and body is hotly debated by many.  In fact, this answer to correcting life-long limiting belief’s is so simple and direct that many will refuse or resist it simply because it can’t be that easy, or they will say, “if it were that easy then everyone would be doing it”.

However that same argument could be said for anything…. driving is a car is easy, however there are billions of people that don’t drive.

My point is that if you recognize that you want more form your current situation then I suggest you give EFT Tapping a try.

I can personally suggest several great books AND I am also offering a workshop at The Soul’s Inspiration in Morristown NJ.

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