Top 5 Issues You Probably Have That Are Keeping You Poor my best friend changed my life essay click here how to get rid of viagra spam hotmail proofreading editing service business plan vancouver robert martinson nothing works essay go here speckled band essay free thesis theme wordpress llm dissertation examples essay of the most dangerous game by richard connell star enterprises viagra watch previous ap world history essays top admission essay writers for hire uk can heart attack victims take viagra moral ethical dilemma essay topic forums custom essays lab co uk reviews synthroid and dht essays supporting embalming follow link chemical compound viagra is buying essays illegal usip national peace essay contest ayurveda viagra happiness essay llm dissertation topics india Do you ever have that feeling like there’s something more?  I don’t mean in an entitled way, like someone should give you something for nothing, but more of a creative and adventurous way, like if you could just change and rearrange a few things in your life there would be… more.

more freedom

more fun

more creativity

more relationships

more adventure

The following blog post details the 5 ways you are resisting your dreams and keeping yourself small.  Because, if you aren’t living the life of your dreams, vacationing in exotic places, driving luxury cars, supporting and living between beautiful homes in wonderful locations, then there’s a good chance you are experiencing at least one of these issues.

The great news is that once you know… you know.  Once you have the epiphany and say, “Yes, that does sound like me” then you can start to do something about it.  You can read books, you can watch videos or take training, you can hire a coach.  All of those things are accessible to anyone with internet access.. and let’s face it… if you have a phone, you have internet access.

So, before you get to the post and you read the 5 issues that are keeping you small, poor and contracted, I’d like you to agree to do something about it.

I’d like your commitment to take one step towards something different, something new, something more.

And, before you get any further in this post I want you to know that I can help you, heal the issues that are keeping you back.  You can book a free consultation by clicking this link… AND I want you to know that I offer a sliding scale fee scale for clients who aren’t able to pay my full price at this present moment. 🙂

AND most of all, this post is written with love and understand and in no way is a judgement of your life and your circumstances. This is an observation, these are the issues that I have helped my clients heal and they have changed their lives as a result.

The 5 issues that are keeping you poor

Inconsistent Character

Character isn’t a word that used a lot these days.  It’s an old word that is a big holding bucket for other words like, honesty, integrity, respect, dignity, tolerance, responsibility, accountability, self-restraint, fairness, caring, volunteering and reliability.  If you’re like most people, you have a story you tell yourself about the type of person you are… You may say, “I’m a good person” or “I’m a fair person” or “I’m a reliable person”.  And, we’re trained in this world to allow “exceptions” in judgement to make the rule.  That means that a more accurate inner story would be, “I’m a good person, except when…” or “I’m usually a fair person, but I just don’t like…” and so on.

The truth about character is that no one wants to think that they aren’t who they tell themselves they are… So they re-frame their life around the story they tell themselves, even though they are constantly bombarded with conflicting evidence.  This conflict between emotion, thought and action blocks the creativity and opportunities.  In fact, this is one of the first ways that we talk ourselves out of what’s possible, we tell ourselves we don’t deserve something because of (fill in the blank).

The good news for you if you feel a conflict in character is that each moment is a new moment for you to resonate as the person you want to be, not the story you tell yourself, but the true person.  You can choose to forgive your ex or sibling or parent for whatever part you think they played in where you are today… and forgive yourself for not taking yourself off auto-pilot sooner, and choose something new.  Forgiveness heals character wounds.

Outside Referral

Deepak Chopra talks about “outside referral” in his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Affluence”.  We are trained from a young age to look towards things outside of ourselves for approval, for acceptance, for love, for reassurance and for prosperity.  In fact, one of the greatest lies is that by thinking about your personal needs and wants and dreams is: selfish.  Yes, we live in a world with other people and to with consistent good character means to be honest, reliable and trustworthy, but it does not mean to that we need to stay small to do that.

Too often we believe the story that the outside world tells us about our abilities, gifts and potential and the truth is that story is manufactured to keep us in a box.  That box is a container made by other people who want to make sure they understand and that everything stays the same… for them.

You don’t need to convince anyone but yourself about your beauty, power and influence.  You will need to decommission those old thoughts about what’s possible in order to believe in a new story and it all starts with you.  It all starts with your ability to believe in yourself.

If you’re like me, you are constantly having amazing ideas and sharing them with anyone that will hear.  Have you ever noticed how those magical notions turn into … nothing?  When you share ideas you are looking for someone outside yourself to provide you with validity, you are looking for someone to say, “yes, that’s a great idea” but it usually doesn’t happen, does it.  While the people around you may say the words that sound positive, they will ask you question under the guise of “being a realist” or “just trying to help” and in fact, they are just trying to keep themselves comfortable.

Your powerful new ideas make them feel small.  They can’t help but want to keep you small with them.

“But when our internal reference point is our spirit, our actions are motivated by love, and there is no waste of energy. Our energy multiplies, and the surplus energy we gather can be channeled to create anything we want, including unlimited wealth. When we harness the power of harmony and love, we use our energy creatively for the experience of affluence and evolution.”  – Deepak Chopra

Money doesn’t grow on tree syndrome

We were all raised differently.  Our parents, guardians and friends all have different ideas of the best way to “help us” with our money issues.  If you aren’t exactly where you want to be, right now financially, it’s because you have unhealed money issues.  You have a conflict.  There is a disconnect between what you say or think… and what you feel.

Your emotions are your powerful engine in everything.  Think of it like a car… You have a steering wheel that you control, but your engine… it’s well… the engine, right?  The rest of the time in your car you pay attention to all kinds of things, the side-view mirrors, the radio, the gas pedal, the breaks… but the engine… that thing that is actually moving your forward is completely forgotten.

That’s how your emotions work.  They power everything.

The problem with the “money doesn’t grow on tree’s” syndrome is that there is evidence to the contrary.  We look around us and we see people who seem to have it all, money, career, loving family, nice house, great vacations and more.  So, we feel like, “money grows on trees for some people, just not me”. AND it’s this type of conflict between how you feel and what you think that blocks your success.

It puts you into a kind of scarcity and lack survival mode.  Your mind/body/spirit intuitively starts to contract and “just survive” with statements like, “I just want to make enough to go on vacation” or “I just want to make enough to pay my bills” or “I don’t need a lot of money, I just need enough”.  You start to convince yourself that “money is the root of evil” or worse, “rich people evil and have taken all of the money.”   OK, maybe you don’t think rich people are evil, but there is a big drive towards thinking that the 2% should pay more taxes so the people with less money can pay less.  So, there is a kind of message here that you don’t want to be in the 2%.  That the 2% is bad, that having a lot of money is bad.

Money isn’t bad. Money makes everything easier.  Healing money issues is one of the easiest ways to break through your limitations and create more affluence. (check out our program here:


These are the most powerful emotions holding most people back from changing ANYTHING… and they can keep you poor.  Whether it’s doubt in your ability to get a better job, or higher paying job… or anxiety over having to go on a job interview, most people stay in their dead-end job because they don’t think they can do better.

Many times that “dead-end” job can be turned into the perfect position, with a few small tweaks in perspective.  The challenge for most people is to say out of the rabbit hole, and to stop spiraling down through all of the worst case scenarios that are just “would-be” reasons for maintaining the status quo.  That negative internal conversation can go like this:

“I hate my job, but it pays well”

“I can’t quit my job, I have too many bills”

“I need this job, but I can’t stand it”

There are a lot of tricks that are provided in our “heal money issues” course, but one that I can tell you right now is that you are in control of your story.  At the very least, you should flip your inner dialog to the positive.  If you don’t like your job, or if you’re looking for a job and don’t like your prospects, get out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write 10 things you don’t like about your job or prospective job.  Now, the hard part, on the right, write 10 positive things. (some suggestions are: Receiving a paycheck, being able to pay bills with the income, getting out of the house, learning computer skills, meeting new people… and so on)

Spend some time looking at the positive… if you’re struggling to find positives, then at least agree that having the money and income will be nice.

Stop yourself from adding the negative “tale” to your positive statements… Stay at: having an income will be nice… don’t add the “even if it’s only…” part.

People who allow themselves to feel the positive comfort of their choices and life situations are able to expand their awareness to other possibilities.  They can gently and almost like a game, decide to make different choices and pay attention to new and opportunities in ways that will add to their list of positive aspects.

This exercise can just as easily be applied to all aspects of your life when you feel doubt, anxiety or overwhelmed.

Habits of Failure

Have you noticed how all of these 5 aspects have nothing to do with the economy or job market.  Have you noticed that we haven’t talked about weight loss, or fitness and dating apps or job fairs?  We haven’t mentioned a college education or moving to a metropolitan area.  Everything in this blog post is completely and entirely controlled by the individual.  And, the final of the 5 things that are keeping you poor… is your habit of failure.

Harsh, right?

There are a lot of words that we avoid because they make us feel uncomfortable.  This uncomfortable feeling keeps us from identifying the emotions that are creating our habits of failure.  This uncomfortable feeling is exactly the thing that is “making” most people avoid fixing their life and creating the life of their dreams.  In fact, the world around us helps us avoid our feelings of panic, frustration and even anger.  We create lives around habits designed to keep us small.

For instance, people with money issues frequently go shopping to try to feel better.  It seems counter intuitive but the truth all the same.  Habits are like addictions, they are automatic and all consuming, and they are happening in a way that we convince ourselves that we don’t have a choice, that “it is, what it is”… but we always have a choice.  Whether you recognize it or not, whether you choose action or inaction, there is a choice.

It’s not easy.

It’s not comfortable.

Like Neo in “The Matrix”, when you unplug and start to put original thought and intention behind your moments, your world changes.  The easiest way to flip your habit to success, is make it a game.  You see, when you’re having fun or playing around you’re able to release the habit of self talk (some call the ego) because you’re being serious.  So, make it a game. Decide to take a different way to work today.  Pay Attention.  Decide to smile at and have kind words for 10 people. Pay Attention.  Decide to set a goal today. Pay Attention.  Decide to write down 10 things you can do in the next 2 weeks to move you closer to that goal. Pay Attention.  Decide to do one thing every day to bring you closer to you goal. Pay Attention.

The world will bow to you and your powerful intention… and attention.


You are the powerful creator of the world you life in, there is absolutely NO ONE that can have any great affect on your life … then you.  You are the one that shapes and molds the story of your experiences and what’s possible.  When you decide to rewrite what’s possible for you, you will see more opportunities that match your new vibrational energy.  Your new awareness.

If you’re interested in jump starting your healing, you can register for our new program Heal Money Issues